At CellTricks, we are committed to delivering high-quality tubings designed to meet the diverse and stringent needs of the pharmaceutical, laboratory, biopharma, and biologics sectors. Our tubings are engineered to provide exceptional performance, sterility, and reliability, making them indispensable for various applications within these industries.

Why Tubings Are Crucial:

Tubings play a vital role in numerous processes, from fluid transfer to chromatography, across pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Here’s why our tubings are essential:

  1. Sterility and Purity: Our tubings are manufactured to stringent quality standards, ensuring aseptic conditions and preventing contamination in critical processes.
  2. Versatility: Our tubings are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including fluid transfer, media handling, chromatography, and more.
  3. Biocompatibility: Our tubings are biocompatible and suitable for use with sensitive cell cultures and biopharmaceutical processes, ensuring the integrity of valuable biomolecules.
  4. Ease of Use: We offer a variety of tubing configurations, including single-use and multi-use options, to meet specific application and operational requirements.

Our Range of Products:

Platinum & Peroxide Cured ETISIL Silicone Tube 0.5mm ID to 100mm ID
Binary Color Tubing
Bio-Medical Silicone Tubing for Implants
Fluoro Silicone Gaskets & Tubes
Silicone Braided Tube
Silicone Extruded Door Gasket (Any Shape)
Silicone Square & Round Cords
Silicone Inflatable FBD Gasket
Rubber Diaphragms (Silicone/EPDM) with or without Teflon Lamination
TC Gaskets (Silicone & PTFE)
TC Gaskets (Validation, Orifice, Sensor)
Stainless Steel Forged Stirrer Blade


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