Cell Culture Media and Reagents

Insect Cell Culture Media:

Discover our high-performance insect cell culture media, recognized as industry-standard formulations for various applications. Designed to support the growth and productivity of Lepidopteran (Sf9, Sf21, High Five™) and Dipteran (S2) cell lines.

1) ESF AdvanCD™ Chemically Defined Insect Cell Culture Medium:

  • Precision-engineered for optimal insect cell growth.
  • Chemically defined formulation ensures consistency and reliability.

2) ESF 921 Protein-Free Insect Cell Culture Medium:

  • Tailored for protein expression without the need for added proteins.
  • Supports superior cell growth and productivity.

3) ESF AF Animal-Free Insect Cell Culture Medium:

  • Animal-free formulation for ethical and controlled cell culture.
  • Ideal for applications requiring animal product-free conditions.

4) PBA (Production Boost Additive) for Insect Cell Culture:

  • Enhances productivity in insect cell cultures.
  • Optimizes protein expression.

Animal-Free Medium for Mammalian Cell Culture:

Explore our animal-free medium formulation designed for the culture of HEK 293, CHO, and hybridoma cell lines. ESF SFM, tailored for suspension culture systems, ensures robust growth and efficient protein expression.

Comprehensive Buffers for Cell Culture:

Benefit from our portfolio of high-purity, cGMP-compliant buffers, ensuring consistent pH control for cell culture processes.

1) TRIS AMINO Buffers:

  • Versatile buffers with high purity.

2) TRIS AMINO HCl Buffer:

  • High-quality hydrochloride buffer for various applications.

3) HEPES Buffer:

  • Essential for maintaining pH stability in cell culture.

Cell Lines and Supplementary Products:

Explore our carefully maintained insect and mammalian cell lines adapted to advanced media formulations. Supplementary products enhance overall performance.

1) Sf9 RV-Free Insect Cell Line:

  • Engineered for optimal insect cell-based research and protein expression.

2) Insect Cell Lines:

  • Diverse options tailored for various insect cell-based applications.

3) Mammalian Cell Lines:

  • Curated for superior growth and performance in mammalian cell culture.

4) Additional Supplementary Products:

  • PBA, gp64-PE Antibody, Baculovirus Titering Kit, and Baculovirus Titering Service.

Molecular Tools for Efficient Gene Expression:

Access essential molecular tools facilitating the journey from the gene of interest to protein expression.

1) BestBac™ Linearized DNA:

  • Efficient linearized Baculovirus DNA for cotransfection.

2) pVL1392 and pVL1393 Transfer Vector:

  • Versatile vectors for adding your gene of interest and cotransfection.

3) Expres2 TR Transfection Reagent:

  • Lipid formulation optimized for efficient use in insect cells.

4) Transfection Medium:

  • Supports cotransfection by enhancing DNA uptake.

Customized Media for Specific Applications:

Tailored solutions for research and commercial use, including low-serum, serum-free, protein-free, and chemically defined media.

  1. Recombinant Proteins Cell Culture Media
  2. HEK293 Cell Culture Media
  3. Human/Animal Vaccines Media

Basal Media for Various Applications:

High-quality basal media to meet diverse needs with flexible production capacity and customized manufacturing services.

Supplements and Buffers for Enhanced Efficiency:

Designed to improve culture process efficiency and provide substantial improvements in cell density and yield during large-scale cell culture.


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