Cell Culture Consumables

At Celltricks, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge cell culture plastic consumables tailored to meet the diverse needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research communities. Our commitment to advancing cell culture technology is reflected in our high-quality, reliable products designed to support your research, drug development, and bioproduction endeavors.

Why Cell Culture Plastic Consumables Matter:

Cell culture plastic consumables serve as the backbone of laboratory and production-scale cell culture processes. These essential products provide a sterile and controlled environment for cell growth and maintenance, ensuring reproducibility, scalability, and safety. Here’s why they are crucial:

  1. Cell Viability and Growth: Our consumables are designed to optimize cell attachment, proliferation, and viability, facilitating consistent and robust cell culture experiments.
  2. Sterility and Contamination Control: Maintaining aseptic conditions is paramount in cell culture. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards to prevent contamination, safeguarding your valuable cell lines and cultures.
  3. Scalability: Whether you’re working in a research lab or scaling up to bioproduction, our consumables are available in a range of sizes and formats to support your specific application and volume requirements.
  4. Reproducibility: Achieving reliable results is essential in cell culture research. Our products are designed for consistency, minimizing variability in your experiments.

Our Range of Cell Culture Plastic Consumables:

  1. Cell Culture Plates: Available in various sizes and configurations, our cell culture plates provide optimal surface treatments and formats for adherent and suspension cell culture.
  2. Flasks and Bioreactors: We offer a diverse selection of culture flasks and bioreactors to accommodate both small-scale research and large-scale bioproduction.
  3. Culture Dishes and Petri Dishes: Our dishes are designed for applications requiring a broader surface area or specialized cell culture requirements.
  4. Cell Culture Tubes and Bottles: Ideal for cell suspension and cryopreservation, our tubes and bottles are available in a range of sizes.
  5. Cell Culture Inserts and Transwells: Support co-culture and migration assays with our inserts and transwells, designed to fit seamlessly into multiwell plates.
  6. Cryopreservation Vials: Safeguard your valuable cell lines with our cryopreservation vials, offering secure and efficient storage solutions.
  7. Cell Scrapers and Lifters: Ensure efficient cell detachment and harvesting with our user-friendly cell scrapers and lifters.
  8. Centrifuge Tubes: Optimize cell pelleting and separation with our high-quality centrifuge tubes, available in various capacities.

At Celltricks, we understand that the success of your cell culture experiments and bioproduction processes hinges on the reliability and quality of your consumables. With our range of innovative products, we empower you to achieve outstanding results while maintaining the highest standards of sterility, consistency, and scalability. Partner with us to elevate your cell culture capabilities and accelerate your research and bioproduction goals.


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